Freedom from expensive utility costs

Lower your electricity bill for $0 down.

Suntuity Home is part of the renewable energy and UAV service conglomerate, Suntuity Group. We have access to everything you will need to switch cleaner, cheaper energy that reduces carbon emissions. We’ll install a system on your current home or will construct your new dream home with a solar system in mind.

Solar Panels
Solar panels, or formally defined as photovoltaic (PV) panels, convert sunlight into useable renewable electricity.



Racking systems are used when securing solar panels to surfaces like roofs, buildings or the ground.


Flashing material is used for residential solar system racking to prevent water leakage under the roof’s shingles.


A solar inverter converts the panel’s harnessed DC power and turns it into useable AC electricity.

Solar Skirts

System Skirts
A solar system skirt is a decorative edge that provides a sleek finish to the system’s aesthetics, helping it blend more into the roof. It also makes the array aerodynamic, thus decreasing vibration and the potential risk of leaks.

Conduit, either rigid or flexible, is piping or tubing that runs along solar system to connect electrical wiring to the panels.

We have developed, financed, built and maintained utility-scale solar plants around the globe.


A full suite of residential products and services.

Suntuity Home Services

Suntuity Home brings you over a decade of experience in construction. We have extensive experience in electrical work, solar, roofing, automation and any other upgrade your home may need.

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