Lower your home’s carbon footprint

Save money while bettering the environment. Switch to solar.
Free yourself from rising utility rates by installing solar panels on your roof or property. You will not only start seeing a dramatic reduction in your monthly budget, but you’ll be producing cleaner energy that will positively affect the environment for generations. We offer savings that you can feel good about.

Solar Storage Suntuity

Our residential solar power is available in these great states.

Why Go Solar?

Zero upfront costs

We offer zero upfront costs in all of the states we operate ─ and in most cases, you won’t ever have to pay anything out-of-pocket, depending on the financial agreement you choose. All you’ll have to pay is a lower electricity bill.

Long term price protection

The Energy Information Administration (eia.gov) reports that utility rates are rising year over year. Suntuity Solar provides price protection throughout the length of your agreement, so you know what you’ll be paying today, tomorrow, and for the next two decades. Enjoy peace of mind in knowing your rates will never spike – it’s more valuable than you may realize.

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Keep the lights on when the power goes out. Choose energy storage.

Ready to install solar panels on your roof or property?

Your home can operate autonomously from the grid with a robust battery backup solution that keeps your lights on when the power goes out. We utilize advanced system implementation for the most efficient integrations that will provide continuous power to your home in any capacity that you choose ─ even when there is no power coming through the grid. As an added perk for choosing us as your main power provider, energy storage helps you achieve energy independence with uninterrupted power whenever there is a utility outage.

If you’re interested in energy storage but already have a solar system installed, we can still help you regardless of whether you own the system or lease it. With storage as a service, you can increase your power savings while enjoying reliable, uninterrupted power despite any weather conditions.

Your Solar Consultant will review what energy storage and energy storage as a service options are available in your area.

Benefits of choosing energy storage


No need to rely on a grid when you have complete energy independence

Stability and reliability in remote locations

No longer worry about intermittent power supply for incredibly remote homes

Avoid cost increases

Avoid increasing standby backup generator costs

Time reduction

Reduction in time of use and demand costs

Your Solar Consultant will review the additional energy options and solar incentives that are available in your area, and can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process.

EV charging solutions for your vehicle.
With the urgency of slowing climate change comes the rising of electric vehicles. With lower operating and maintenance costs, and little to no air pollution, switching to EV is yet another way you can lower your carbon footprint that will benefit future generations.

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